Bronson's Birth Story

Bronson Timothy

October 9, 2014 (41-42 weeks)
10lb 1oz
21.5" long

Sept 30 
went to the chiropractor to see if my pelvic was out of line. It was BIG time and had a lot of intense contractions the rest of the day

We had not had an ultrasound yet so were still unsure of my exact due date.  My midwife, Sandra had me past due already so she suggested we go for an Ultrasound to get an inside look and make sure nothing was keeping the baby from staying engaged and starting labor.

October 3
Family trip into Houston for an ultrasound at 5:30. I had not left the house in a while and it felt good to get dressed and get out. My mind was going crazy on the way there, we were about to see our baby for the first time on the screen that holds so many negative memories for us. 
Everything looked great with baby and amniotic fluids. PHEW!
Baby was posterior on right side with fist by the chin. 
On the way home we called Sandra with the results of the ultrasound and we decided we would try to induce labor Saturday morning.

October 4 
started the (nasty) parsley tea around 10a, drinking a cup every hour for 4 hours. IF labor is near, the tea should kick things into gear within the day. If labor is NOT near, it should start on day 5. 
I also started doing pulsatilla every 30 minutes. 
Around 7p Sandra came by to check on me. I was 30-40% effaced, 3cm and baby sounded great still posterior on right side. 
She came back over at 10p to check on me again. Baby was anterior on left (the most ideal birthing position) which of course got me very anxious and excited. 
Our awesome friend, Carey was photographing a wedding down the road from us and had really hoped to come over after to catch the birth. She came over after the wedding to chat and catch up. It was a fun night, even though it wasn't what we all wanted it to be.
Contractions stayed at 15-20 minutes apart through the night (they had been like that since noon-ish) waking me up but nothing exciting was happening with them.

October 5
Started taking evening primrose oil since it worked so well with my last labor. Contractions were 15 min apart all day long with a lot of pressure. Mid afternoon I lost my mucus plug and had bloody show. This was my first time to experience either of these things, which led to a long conversation about just how amazing the woman's body is and how miraculous labor/birth is.

October 6
everything started to fade away...contractions were no longer a set time apart and pressure was relieved. I continued to take pulsatilla and evening primrose oil. We headed to the chiropractor in the afternoon to get my pelvis reset and get adjusted. Baby was back to being posterior on the right. I was starting to stress out about labor since posterior babies cause back labor and I didn't want my back to seize up like it did with Cameron's delivery.
We decided we would go to community group since nothing was happening, but it was canceled so we had an impromptu dinner at a friend's house. It was a great 'distraction' for all of us and we had such a fun time.

October 7 
The date J.D. had deemed as THE DAY since we found out I was pregnant. Not much was going on, random contractions here and there.  
4:45p my water started leaking (just like with Everett's labor) an hour later I started to feel like I have the flu, sick to my stomach and no appetite. I went to lay down and sent a text to my midwife who told me to take temp and pulse then check back with her in 2 hours. 
I slept for about an hour, woken up to 45sec contractions every 10 min and lost a lot of fluid. 
8:45 ate a small dinner
10:45 went to bed 
I was woken up by a few contractions, but could sleep through most of them. I was up at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep until 6, up at 7 with a lot of pain and pressure.

October 8 
not much going on.  
very similar to Tuesday.  
Contractions off and on all day, but nothing super serious.  
Texted with Sandra about fears such as having a labor with a face up baby, back labor, being so far away from my chiropractor, not practicing my hypnobirthing since before Everett was born almost 2 years ago, etc. She, as always, confirmed that my body and my mind know how to do this and it is nothing new and when it happened, my body would kick in and do it's thing. Went to sleep very anxious and slept all night without being woken up by contractions.

October 9 
Woke up at about 4:00-5:00a with strong contractions. Exact reverse of how my nights/mornings had been. getting anxious that this is THE sign we had been waiting for. 

After consistently strong contractions for a couple of hours (not being able to talk through them), we sent a text to Sandra who headed our way.  Also, sent a text to Carey, my photographer, to fill her in.  J.D. started to fill up the birth pool with warm water.  

My midwife arrived checked me out, she said I WAS in REAL labor this time and we'd be having a baby today. By this point my anxiety was increasing and I was doing my best to kick it to the curb, focus on my 'birth play list' and relax. I was determined to have the happy labor I had seen so many women experience, but I was out of practice so it took a lot of energy. I had a couple sweet boys in bed with me helping by reading books to me and baby.

My parents took the kids to the mall to allowing me to focus and labor in peace. Everett wanted daddy in a bad way and couldn't stay out of his sight.  

I labored in the bed, sitting indian-style, for a long time and was actually able to joke around and laugh during a lot of it.  Sandra, Carey and my mom were all commenting on how crazy it was for me to be so happy during labor. I kept commenting that I didn't believe it was really going to happen today. 
Once labor progressed a bit, I think I was at 7cm, I got in to the pool and labored there for a while. 

I remember carrying on conversations with everyone in the room, pausing for a contractions, as soon as it passed I jumped back into whatever I was talking about, instantly followed up by laughter from everyone. I couldn't comprehend why they were all laughing. 
After an hour or so in the pool, Sandra wanted me to get out so she could try a few things with me laboring in the bed.  Things were starting to get uncomfortable and labor seemed to have stalled, maybe because of my anxiety level fighting for the happy labor? maybe because of babies position? who knows..
While in the bed, Sandra checked me and I was at 9cm, but my cervix was trying to rotate back like it did with Everett and Kennedy, so she had to assist it in order to keep it forward.  This was very painful.  My cervix was working against the baby, during contractions it was closing up instead of opening, making everything more uncomfortable for both of us. We decided it was safe for me to get back into the pool since I did not want to birth in the bed. 

When baby crowned, my water sack broke and was clear (thank goodness!!!). This is when I stopped breathing during contractions (J.D. had to hold the oxygen mask on me and help me through the contractions, poor guy!). I remember being desperate for the head to finish delivery, I knew it would be a break and I was ready for a break to catch my breath. It seemed to take an eternity.  I remember my midwife telling me to roll onto my hands and knees and I was very confused I kept trying to rest my head on the pool, but my face kept falling into the water and I felt like I was drowning - Sandra was in the pool with me at this point, but I had no idea. This obviously freaked J.D. and Carey out because they weren't sure if there was something wrong.  It turns out that baby's fist was up by his face (just like in the ultrasound) and was stuck.  Sandra was able to just pull the arm free and baby came less than 2min after. I heard my midwife say catch your baby, but I looked down to see it floating towards me and I grabbed it, pulled it to my chest and sat back trying to fight confusion (I was blacking out and foggy) and excitement that my baby was finally here. 

We got a towel wrapped around us and after a short bit, Sandra finally asked "so...what do we have?  Boy or girl?"  We had completely forgotten to even check.  

It was a BOY!!

I had to get out of the pool fairly quickly because I had a large amount of bleeding that Sandra wanted to make sure it wasn't anything to be concerned about. 

Bronson Timothy was perfect. He was born with a ton of hair. Our first 3 babies were bald until around age 2 so we were very shocked. He had no vernix left, which means I was probably closer to 42 weeks. 

Cameron got to cut Everett's cord. So, our only princess, Kennedy, wanted to cut Bronson's cord. She did an awesome job. 

Rice family of 6.

This image captured all of our emotions perfectly...
Kennedy - YAY, I'm the only girl
Me - phew, what just happened?
Bronson - that was a LOT of work, I am tired
Cameron - I was right, I knew it was a boy
Everett - wait...I'm not the baby anymore? 
Dad - Thank you, Jesus for protecting them...that was scary

To see the birth day in motion go here to Carey's blog and scroll all the way to the bottom. I cry every time I watch it. She did a beautiful (and tasteful) job and capturing Bronson's birth story. 

Caboose bump

I love being pregnant, love it! 

I took my first two pregnancies for granted. I regret it, but I wouldn't change it.
I grew and learned from them. 
Every baby has reshaped me (and not just my body)

When we conceived this baby I was excited, but there were a few miscarriages between Everett and this one. I was just uneasy, I wanted to be overjoyed, but fear took over a lot. My miscarriage history finds crazy ways to creep back in no matter how many days or years go by. 

Everett had a special bond with the "bahbee" (baby). He either wanted to use my belly as a pillow, seat, arm/foot rest or just to be near it at all the time. 

Everett got very sick, lethargic, super high fever. We visited the ER, but never found out what was wrong. All this while daddy was in Africa for a week, home for a couple days and then to California for a week. My stress level might of reached an all time high that month. 

Our life was just crazy hectic and I didn't handle it all so well. However looking back I had more than likely had health issues going on that I never mentioned to anyone because I just assumed (stupid, I know) it was part of being pregnant while rearing 3 small kiddos. 

About halfway through the pregnancy we decided this was going to be my last pregnancy. I was really sad, but finally admitted my body had been through enough and needed a break. I've been pregnant or breastfeeding for 7 years. Growing our family was still an option, but my womb was no longer going to be an option. 

31 weeks and probably my most favorite picture of any of my pregnancies. 

Around 32 weeks I was stung by a scorpion on my head and had to take a trip to the ER. I had an awful doctor who told me that I was having a panic attack and should just relax because "there aren't deadly scorpions in the U.S. Only in Arizona". I wanted to scream and tell her how dumb she sounded, but I was having trouble breathing, my tongue was swelling, couldn't focus my vision or my thoughts, my face was numb, parts of my body were also going numb and convulsing. 
After lots of research and talking with my midwife turns out that scorpions and shellfish are allergen buddies. My shell fish allergy is more than likely a much bigger allergen for me than before. I'll spare the details of my shrimp incident about a month later, not as scary as the scorpion, but scary! If you need to know anything about scorpions, I'm now your girl since I've researched the crap out of them!! 

The last couple weeks of pregnancy are the hardest. It's even harder when you don't know when you are "due". 
Even harder when small people are constantly looking up at you from under the belly to talk to you about when the baby is coming. 
One day at lunch I said, "SOON the baby will come soon I don't know when please stop asking" which was followed by "when is soon". 
So I took this picture above and sent it to J.D. With the story. Made us all laugh instead of loosing our minds! 

The above picture was from the middle of the night after being woken up by a contraction the day before baby joined us. I was so anxious for the baby to come. I wanted to stop stressing over its position, gaining weight, being overdue, my back hurting, etc etc etc. 
I was also sad. sad I was up with contractions that felt like they were doing nothing. sad I was about to experience birth for the last time. Sad that I would never feel a baby inside my womb again. 
I went back to bed and cried myself back to sleep, quietly so I wouldn't wake up J.D.  

I have enjoyed this season of our life. 
I will remember it with great and crazy memories. 
It was a fun ride. 
This pregnancy was the perfect ending. 


Everett's Birth Story


Everett Michael

November 19, 2012 (41 weeks)
6:46p (48hr 1min "labor")
9lb. 4oz. 
21" long


Nov 17
6:45p-had just finished vacuuming living room and kitchen. Then started washing some dishes in the kitchen and felt something running down my leg. Went to the bathroom and my pee was clear, crystal clear. I came back out and said, “umm, I think my water just broke”

I kept going to the bathroom and feeling dumb not knowing if it REALLY broke or not. I kept thinking. “this is the 3rd baby, surely I should know for sure, right?” (yes. my water broke with the first two)
We texted my midwife (Sandra) and told her that we were almost sure my water broke, but contractions had not changed any. Around 8min apart and 2min each
JD blew up the pool and started filling it with warm water

Went to bed around 11. Took me a while to go to sleep.
Contractions still 7-8min apart 1 min each

Nov 18
Woke up around 3am

Contractions were very sporadic 10min, 3 min, 4 min, 6 min, 3 min, fell back asleep
Up at 5a - Took a shower, ate a piece of peanut butter toast, an apple and cup of raspberry leaf tea. Laid down on couch and fell back asleep
Kids woke me up at 7. We ate breakfast (I had a spinach smoothie) contractions were consistent 7 min apart 1 min each

Pads were dry all the time so I stopped putting them on and would lose a lot of fluid every time I went to the bathroom
Baby was moving and heartbeat was great

Starting taking caullophyllum, cimicifuega & pulsatilla 3 of each every 20 min on rotation
Kids, hubby and dog went for a walk, I walked in circles around the house and sat on excersise ball

12:00n - Midwife came to check me for the first time. Thick and 2 cm, cervix very posterior. Started doing squats, hip circles, and lunges during contractions to help move cervix forward. Started to have stronger contraction. 5-6 min apart 1 min each
1:30p - Had half pb sandwich pear and blackberries
Everything is the same as earlier..

4:45p - Tried the breast pump and pumped half an ounce of colostrum…it was so hard to dump that!!

Contractions went to 6-7 min apart then 4-5 and back to 6-7 getting frustrated, but could feel them starting in my pelvic floor and building up my stomach
5:48p- 4-5 min apart 1 min ea

6:15p-Still able to talk through contractions, but can’t really walk or move during them. Ran out of pulsatilla started only doing c&C
6:45p - Sitting at the dinner table with legs on each side of the chair and leaning with my belly hanging. I was trying so hard to keep things normal for the kids and be a part of our family dinner, knowing it was going to be the last one as a family of 4.
Now contractions were 3 min apart but same strength as early in the day

(all the above was written down…but this is when I stopped tracking so the rest is from memory)
Sandra came over to check me again and see if I was progressing. Cervix was still very posterior and slightly thinner than earlier and now a 3. Not at all what I was expecting and I started crying I think or maybe I wanted to cry. At this point it had been 24 hours since my ‘water broke’ and law says she has to tell me that I should be transported to the hospital, but law also says I can decline. We declined. Risky, maybe, but we weren’t 100% sure my sac had broken because it was only leaky when I was on the toilet. So, we took the risk of staying at home.

We eventually went to sleep around 10,  I think. Sandra slept on our couch and came in throughout the night to check our (mine and baby) vitals. I only know this because she told me. I had no clue and apparently slept really well all night.
Nov 19

Woken up around 5 or 6 by a voicemail alert on J.D.’s phone – non baby related and stirred emotions.  We let it off our chests and prayed it would not affect our day, our baby’s birth day.
Sandra came in and we discussed the night, the vitals she got through the night, how we were thinking the day would go.

We got some breakfast and showers and of course I tried to tidy up the house despite Sandra and J.D. telling me to relax.
At some point the kids woke up and my parents came over to keep the kids busy so we could concentrate on getting baby ready for birth.

Most of the day is a blur and times are really blurry, but that’s every day for me, ha!
Mid-morning Sandra checked me again. I had made some progress, but not a lot. She went home for a little bit and we texted throughout the rest of the morning/afternoon.

I think it was around 1 or 2 that Sandra came back over. Things were getting very intense and we could tell it was the real deal. I kept wanting to get into the birth pool, but not wanting to rush things. I was laboring well on the bed on a pile of pillows. I would sit up and chat and laugh with J.D. and Sandra then as soon as a contraction came I would fall forward with my face in a pillow, on my elbows and knees rocking my hanging belly in all directions while praying and imagining baby making its way through the birth canal and breathing as slow and normal as I could stand.
I attempted to use Hypnobirthing again like I did with Kennedy, but I just decided to use the principals of it and use a playlist of calm Christian songs. I listened to it a lot throughout the pregnancy. Many of the songs became prayers and some of them were literal-my favorite was Hold me still by Forever Jones.

“Cause you hold me still when the waves around begin to build…Oh, I see the waves I’m not afraid…My ground is stable…”
If you have read Hypnobirthing you know the significance of waves with contractions. So I held this words of truth close to me and sang them out (maybe…I think I did, but I never asked anyone if I was singing out loud)

At some point Sandra checked and my cervix was maybe a 5 and still very posterior and I had told her about my birth experience with Kennedy and ‘stalling at 8cm’ so she pulled my cervix forward with several contractions. Yes, incredibly painful, but Sandra was so gentle and the experience was far better than it was with Kennedy’s birth. I told her I thought that was enough and I was ready to get in the pool. Around 5-5:30 we think.
Big kids joined me for a bit at some point. Things were getting intense with contractions and kids were getting crazy so Sandra suggested they leave the room so I can stay in my zone.

J.D. notified his parents and our birth photographer (who was already on her way) that it was time to head our way.
It was hard to labor in the pool. I wanted to get back to my routine with the pillow pile, but I knew I also wanted the water birth (that I did not get with Kennedy) and of course the warm water feels so good and it offers so much relief. So, I would relax in the sitting position slightly leaned back between contractions. When the contractions came oh boy..my stomach would contract and take over my whole body. It would pull me forward and I had to follow and throw myself over with my arms on the pool and my face just on the inside with my belly hanging and my legs tucked under me.

Sandra kept dropping homeopathic tablets under my tongue to help me out. She was a God sent and I could write for days about how much I love her and how thankful I am for her.
With the other two births I had tried to push them out-their births did not go the way I had wanted and it was a lot of frustration that I was trying to get them to me as fast as possible. With this birth I was able to let my body completely take over. What an amazing experience to see how God created my body for this very thing. My abs would pull towards the middle and push down with more intensity than I could ever do on my own. Amazing!!

At the end of a contraction (I remember seeing the clock say 6:?? ) I heard and felt a bomb explode. I sat up and asked if they heard it. They did not hear or feel anything. They did tell me later than I had a lot of bubbles pop up. Oh..NOW my water broke. Ok..huge relief. Now, that 24 hour ‘rule’ is no longer an issue. We have as much time as we need..phew!
After a few more contractions his head was out and I reached down and said, “ohhhh there’s his nose” (So glad my mom got it all on video)

It seems like forever before the next contraction came and I asked if they could just pull him out.
Then J.D. says “baby, it’s your song” and turns up the music. It was !0,000 reason by Matt Redman. I had had dreams about the baby being born to that song..a very specific point in the song.

The last contraction finally came and baby was caught by daddy for half a second before I snatched him up to the face to cover him in kisses. There are no pictures of baby being born and after watching the video and hearing Carey’s camera clicks…now I know just how fast I pulled him up. Oops..I wanted those amazing photos of baby still in water, give baby time to adjust and all those other benefits to a water birth.
daddy catching baby-you can see the splash from my arm
After a couple minutes (now Jesus loves Me by Christy Nockels – so happy God made my random playlist not so random at just the perfect time) J.D. walks to the side and announces that he was right, he called it before I took a pregnancy test. It’s a BOY!!
a HUGE thank you to...
-my amazing husband for being my biggest supporter and best birth partner. you are my strength. I love you!!
-my midwife, Sandra McDonald. I don't even know how to put into words how much she means to me. If you need a midwife, you're in the Houston area, use her..unless we are due at the same time, I get dibs :)
-my friend and photographer, Carey. I roped her into birth photography, but she is an awesome family and senior photographer.
all photos are copyright of carey anne photography.


Purchase with a Purpose

Christmas is around the corner and will be here before we know it.

Jesus is the reason for the season. 
Why not make this season a season of change. 
A change in our purchases. 
Make our purchase speak. 
Purchase with a purpose. 
A purpose to change the world. 
Change lives. 

Here's my list of some of my favorite places to purchase with a purpose: 

Gorgeous scarves and leather products. 
The Genet is my favorite!

Awesome bags (lots of size options) that you get to design yourself. Look at these new fall fabrics!! 

Adoption Funraisers:
Adoption are expensive and there are a lot of people who sell items to raise money to being their babies home. 
Here two of my friends selling cute shirts-

One for one rain boots. Comfy, cute...and new styles and colors are coming next month!! AND they are based in Dallas..texas proud!

Probably one of my favorites. Such a brilliant idea and they sell accessories, shirts and scarves too! 

Accessories made with love from all over the world. A lot of great options that are perfect for teacher gifts..like this stationary set!

I love Haiti. I love Heartline Ministries. I love Haitian creations and their partnership with heartline. Accessories made with love...check out their mother/daughter line!!

Who doesn't love coffee? Added bonus-they offer adoption fundraising!! 

Tips: Create your own wish list with some of these items. Making others learn about new amazing companies that are changing the world with our purchases! So sneaky! So worth it! 

Most of these companies offer gift card options so you can gift those to help pay a portion for a friend or family member! 

Oh and I'm guessing you probably came over to see who won the cubist cuff?!??
I'm new to blogging. 
I don't know what I am doing most..or all the time to be honest! 
So giveaways and fancy random winner picker things just stressed me out so we did it old school. 

I put everyone's name in a hat, woody's hat (most of you got your name in twice--thank you!!!) I had Kennedy pick a name, but then Cameron wanted to pick a name. 
It's been a tough week and today was well..let's just say a good fit to end the week. So another fight brewing made me move fast..
"You each pick one and let Everett pick one from that"
Phew..crisis #946 for the week was just avoided! 
....and the winner is 

Congrats, Mindy!! 
Email me at debra.rice@yahoo.com to claim your bracelet!!


Noonday Caboose

Welcome to the Caboose of the Noonday Collection blog train.

Back in March I signed up to be a Noonday Ambassador. 

"...satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday."
Isaiah 58:10

The accessories are AHHHH-mazing.

I love getting to wear such beautiful, unique, handcrafted accessories all the time..not to mention get out of my 'stay at home mom' attire more often. My heart is not only for my small family here, but my family of ambassadors and artisans around the world. I can no longer stay at home, raise my family the way I have been. My eyes have been open and now I must act to care for my new family.

While the accessories are amazing, it's about so much more!  Noonday Collection is about advocating for our artisans.  It's about education. It's about helping provide sustainable income.  It's about family. It's about community. It's about life change. It's about love. 

My most favorite part about being an ambassador is educating women at trunk shows how their purchases are changing lives. Our artisans stories are beautiful, life changing, and full of love. When you wear a Noonday accessory, you are wearing a story of life change, of love, of a brighter future for the hands that created it as well as our world. Because our world is a better place with love. 

Do you want to style your friends while changing the world? 
Why not have a trunk show this fall in place of a your annual girls Christmas party. Shop for Christmas gifts while changing lives. 

My challenge to you this season is to start purchasing with a purpose. Even if you aren't into accessorizing - I wasn't either until Noonday- there are clothing, home decor, shoes, food companies and so many others that you can shop from that help you change the world with your purchase.

I am giving away one Cubist Cuff in silver!

Here are 2 ways to enter...
1. Go to www.debrarice.noondaycollection.com come back here and tell me what your favorite item is.
2. Share this blog post on facebook (be sure to comment and let me know you did)
*BONUS* For FIVE extra entries (if you live in The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, College Station, Katy, or any city around one of those) book a trunk show before December 8th

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Check out yesterday's post by Carrie and if you want more and missed the train start at the beginning with Krista 

Come back Friday afternoon to see who wins and to see my list of place to shop this holiday season!



So hard to believe this sweet little baby is now 5 and starting Kindergarten.


We are homeschooling. Yes, we have our reasons and yes, I will share them at later.

We decided pretty early on after Cameron was born that I would stay home and educate them the we felt led to. We have been doing 'school at home' (which it what I call it because most home school groups don't count pre-k as home school) since Cameron was little. We have not used a curriculum or a specific path until this year. It has been fun letting our life teach, but very challenging to be incredibly intentional all day, every day. 

This year we are still trying our best to let our life teach, but we have made our own 'curriculum' that we feel will work for us...more on that later too. 

I am feeling incredibly blessed and overwhelmed that God has called us on this journey. So happy I get to keep my babies at home and not send them to school...for so many reasons. Yes, I do wish I could have a free day or a mom day and just get things done, but those are my weak days and few and far between, honestly. I love this life and I cherish every moment..or at least I try!

If I was required to sign him up for public school 5 weeks ago, I would of held him back. He had zero interest in learning to read, learning more math, learning anything beyond his current level. He just wanted to draw. 

'Oh great. We will have a starving artist with no degree' thought may or may not of gone through my head a few times. 

However, lately he has learned to read and has the desire to learn. THANK YOU, JESUS!!    

Cameron's thoughts (out loud) on school:
- I want to ride a bus
- We need a bell so you can ring it and we can all come running to school
- you need apples because teachers like apples
- I need put my lunch in a bag


Here is Cameron and Kennedy with their signs that they wrote all by themselves for the obligatory first day of school pictures.

Cameron walked around outside for a while looking for the perfect spot, gathered sticks to put the sign on. 

Kennedy went to the same spot, but had to clean it up since Cameron made it messy with the sticks...and of course she had to accessorize herself a tad!

Our first day was a huge success. HUGE. 

We didn't ride a bus.
We didn't have a bell.
I didn't eat an apple
We didn't eat our lunch out of a bag.

However, Cameron was begging to do more school after lunch..
Slow down little man, you have the rest of your life ahead of you and mommy wants to go cry about having to say I have a kindergartner now..


sad seven. part seven.

...and almost a year later I will finish this up, SORRY!!

To read part six go here or if you want to start at the beginning go here

I hate that I never finished this series a year ago. To my defense...
1. I stink at sticking to something new and scary
2. I had a baby
3. I have been sleep deprived
4. we moved

So...my top tips for surviving the depths of a miscarriage


God is so much bigger than anything we are going through. He has had this planned for your life all along. He is desperate for us to cling to Him in good times and even more in bad times. With out prayer and His strength, I would have been in that crappy valley for a lot longer than I was.


Even thought they do not understand what you are going through..they are going through something very similar on top of not knowing what to do or say or how to do anything to help you through this time. They want to talk, but they want to listen to you more. Talk, talk, and keep talking...let it out! Your husband can handle anything you throw his way and help you sort it out later (if you wish). Don't forget to let them talk too though, they also will need to heal from the miscarriage.


This one is a tough one for me. I am some what of an introvert. I hate crowds, I hate being center of attention, having the spot light on me. Not a fan at all! So, when I had my miscarriages..I wanted my friends to know, but I didn't want to talk about it. If you have good friends they will ask questions, they will want to know how to help you, they will stick with you even though you want to sit inside and curl up in a ball 3 months later. Those are the friends you need to let in and share with. Don't let Satan attack your friendship's because you are afraid to share a dark part of your life. They care, let them care.


Seek out others who have been in your shoes. Growing up, I was friends with two girls, Mel and Kristin, the 3 of us were inseparable in Elementary. I moved away and we lost touch. In high school we found each other again and thanks to facebook where staying in each others lives. It was super fun when we found out that all 3 of us were due with our babies in the same month. Then, Kristin lost her baby. I felt awful for her and honestly just thanked Jesus that my baby was OK. Little did I know that my baby had also passed. I reached out to Kristin in desperation. I will never forget her words and the strength she had. I owe a lot to her and how loving she was towards me in my dark days. I pray that one day I will get to hug her neck and thank her in person!
So many woman have gone through this loss and we can all help each other. Don't hide, let your light shine and share so we can all help each other.